We can help in your daily act of collective worship through assemblies that are distinctively Christian. We may talk about Jesus, using Biblical stories and invite pupils to join us in prayer. We realise that there may be pupils of different faiths in your school, we ill therefore be sensitive and respectful of their view and beliefs. Our hope is that wherever possible all pupils should feel able to participate in worship at whatever level they feel comfortable. 

We provide opportunities for pupils to:

  • Worship God

  • Consider spiritual and moral issues

  • Explore their own beliefs

  • Participate and respond

  • Develop community spirit

In this way promote a common ethos, shared values and positive attitudes (Circular 1/94)

Our assemblies are well planned and flexible to fit into the school timetable, to:

  • Deliver a time of worship that is fun and creative

  • Engage the pupils through drama, storytelling, puppets, multimedia presentations and song

  • Be age relevant, topical to the school / church year and links to the worship curriculum including values and S.E.A.L.

  • Be flexible to fit into your school's long-term plans for worship

Check out some of the assemblies recorded during lockdown on our dedicated YouTube channel here.